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Beware of Inferior Glass and Installation!
Some glass replacement companies use non OEM (Original Equipment) glass, non OEM adhesives and improper preparation techniques prior to installation. A defect in any one of these three areas can have serious safety consequences in the event of a collision.
Kale's Auto Glass uses only OEM glass!
Kale's Auto Glass uses adhesives that exceed Federal Motor Safety Standards 214 and 216! The adhesives used by Kale's are cured chemically, rather than by time and temperature, and will pass air bag deployment tests in one hour. Inferior adhesives, which rely on a combination of time and temperature to safely cure, may take a day or more before they will pass an air bag test.
Why don't all glass companies use these same products? Simple, they cost more and cut into profits. At Kale's, the safety and satisfaction of our customers is the #1 priority. People before profits.
Did you know that 7 out of 10 windshields are improperly installed?

According to industry experts 7 out of 10 windshields are improperly installed. There are five common mistakes that are made by MOST windshield installers. Click here to watch a 20/20 Special Report on improperly installed windshields: http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=4989095

1. The most common mistake technicians make is using the wrong urethane adhesive. When selecting a type of adhesive, your windshield technician must consider many factors, i.e. the weather and the type of vehicle. Sub-standard glass shops often sacrifice quality urethane for something less expensive and consequently less effective.

2. Failing to properly clean the glass is the next common mistake. Many installers rush through installs and neglect to make sure the bonding surface of the glass is thoroughly cleaned. Dirt and oils from the hand prevent the windshield from bonding properly.

3. Using cheap glass is another mistake. Many glass shops use cheaper glass that does not fit properly inside the pinch weld. The reason it does not fit properly is due to a defect in the shape or size of the glass. This causes the adhesive to not bond correctly.

4. Neglecting to use pinch weld primer is another mistake glass shops make. Any time a windshield is removed, there are small scratches under the molding area beneath where the old glass used to be positioned. Pinch weld primer is used to make sure the urethane has a proper surface to bond to and prevents any bare metal scratches from turning into rust problems. Installers skip this process to save themselves fifteen cents and five minutes on an installation.

5. Most of the time customers are not informed of the safe drive-away times. Everything from outside temperature to the type of urethane used changes the amount of time needed for the urethane to dry completely. Most installers are not taught how to determine the safe cure time to allow for proper windshield bonding.

Too many glass shops are not looking out for their customers' best interest. At Kale's Auto Glass, we treat ALL customers like family. If you would like more information on how you can have your windshield properly, installed call Kale's Auto Glass today.